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About Us

The team is where the true heart of B&B lies. With combined excellence in customer service, pump installation, and on-call repairs, our staff is constantly geared towards ensuring that clients feel safe and eager to contact us for all provided services.

From Amarillo to Canyon to all neighboring areas, B&B spreads far and wide to provide a haven for well maintenance and water safety to all customers. We hold a certain standard for environmental excellence in our pumps, so our entire staff is fully certified to perform their tasks in compliance to TDLR standards.

Consumers can always expect expedient, cost-efficient service from B&B. Whether it’s replacing that old well pump that’s still contaminating your water supply, or installing one for the first time, you can count on our staff to guide you in the right direction with the least concern to your wallet. Our customer-service staff is always eager to set up a meeting or appointment. We look forward to meeting with you!